Monday, 25 January 2016

After Effect of GM Detox Diet

I had to post this as I'm really surprised.
I've just had my breakfast after a week of doing the GM detox diet. Before I started, I always had an Activia rhubarb yoghurt for breakfast.
I went food shopping and stocked up on these yoghurts as I'm now doing a low carb diet and thought the yoghurts would be good to have.

But, when I started eating it this morning, oh my word, it was vile!

It was incredibly sweet. It tasted like I was eating about six spoonfuls of sugar...yuck, it was horrible.

They didn't taste that sweet when I ate them before doing the detox. I'm amazed!

I may not have lost much weight - 5 1/4 pounds - but it's obviously retrained my tastebuds to dislike anything sweet, which is great.

So it's worth doing even if just to make you realise what things really do actually taste like.

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