Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A new lease of life.

I've just come back from walking up and down the lanes. Ten years ago, that would have meant something completely different to what it does now.
Back then, 'The Lanes' were the trendy and quirky shops in Brighton. We lived in Sussex, and I'd often catch the train or bus to Brighton - usually accompanied by my daughter - for a day's shopping. We didn't always buy something, it was nice just browsing and stopping for lunch in our favourite vegetarian cafe, Wai Kika Moo Kau. They served fabulous tasting food.

Nowadays, walking up and down the lanes means taking our greyhound, Cherry, for a walk literally in the lanes outside our cottage. We live in the middle of nowhere - well it is actually somewhere, but it's right in the countryside. We are surrounded by trees and fields, with just a few houses dotted around.
It's beautiful walking the lanes. The banks and hedgerows are brimming with daffodils, forget-me-nots, and primroses in an assortment of colours, and other flowers that I don't know the names of, and all you can hear is birdsong, sheep bleating and cows lowing. There's young calves in the field opposite - who were rather inquisitive of Cherry and me, so we stopped to say hello - and lots of ewes with their lambs. The only other people we come across, are horse riders, who are always happy to stop for a chat.

We absolutely love living here.  We are only renting, but it has given us a new lease of life, pun intended.

Who'd have thought when we got that call a week before Christmas to say we were being given two month's notice, that we'd be living somewhere so much nicer!

We've gone through most of the winter, with snow and bare trees, now it's spring - the sun is shining and buds are bursting out all over the trees. I'm looking forward to the other two seasons, and watching our environment change around us.

I wouldn't swap this for anything. Thanks to our landlords who literally talked us into looking around. We'd decided it was too remote, and weren't going to bother, so thanks, Lesley and Derek, you were right, we do love it, and it's almost as if we were meant to live here.