Thursday, 31 July 2014

Greyhound Rescue - second instalment

Well, the home inspection is being done this Saturday at 12:30pm, and, all being well, we can collect Cherry on Sunday morning.
We've joined a greyhound forum on Facebook, asked lots of questions, and done a lot of research.

We are not entering into this lightly, we know it will potentially be a fraught beginning for the dog, and us. She has never had a home life, so has to get used to a lot of things such as noisy appliances, and being left on her own at night. We know there may be some mess, and she may cry for a few nights, but with plenty of patience, we hope she'll become happy in her new home.

We've already bought a few things in preparation. She has two beds - one for the lounge and one for the hall - her food and water bowls, a soft brush to groom her with, and I've given up one of my teddies to keep her company at night :)

This is all new to us, so we'll be learning along with the dog, but I'm looking forward to it, and I'm sure we'll be rewarded with love and affection :)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Greyhound Rescue - The Beginning.

I've been wanting a dog for a while, but I'm afraid of certain dogs such as bull terriers, rottweilers etc. However, I adore dogs like labradors, spaniels, beagles and so on.

My husband point blank refused to let us have another pet - we're cat people really and have had cats - so I gave up asking.

Then, through my writing friends, I became Facebook friends with a lovely lady called Christine Stovell, who's written a delightful book - Only True in Fairytales.  One of the characters is an adorable greyhound called Gracie.

I decided to look greyhounds up, and was amazed to see that they'd be the perfect dog for us. They apparently don't bark a lot, are very laid back and gentle, don't shed as much hair as most other dogs, and - contrary to what people think - they don't need mega amounts of exercise.

I'm a great believer in fate and signs telling you that something is meant to be, and it was just strange how this all seemed to come about.

I then looked at some rehoming centres, and the photos of the doggies, all needing a home, broke my heart.

I worked on Paul - my husband - a bit more, and was stunned when he gave in and said okay, we could think about it.

We were due to visit his brother in Weymouth, and it just so happened that we'd be going past the Retired Greyhound Trust in Hontion. I'd already been on their website, and seen a dog I liked the look of, so Paul suggested we call in on the way.

We made an appointment, turned up at the allotted time, and saw Cherry - the dog I liked. We took her out for a short walk, and I think we both fell in love with her there and then.

She's only eighteen-months-old, but, because she'd lost a toe on her front foot when she was a baby, she wasn't suitable to race, so her carers decided to find a home for her. Thankfully the RGT took her in.

I've got the top half of one of my fingers missing, so Cherry and I have something special in common, another sign that it was meant to be.

So, pending the home visit from RGT next weekend, we'll be the new owners of a beautiful greyhound.

I hope and pray it goes well, because I'll be devastated if we can't have her, she's got a piece of my heart already.