Saturday, 30 August 2014

I'm a bona fide - or should that be fido - dog owner

We'd just finished a nice long walk across Dartmoor, and as we got in the car, I looked down at my trousers because I had a wet patch where I'd been kneeling in the muddy grass. Or maybe it was cow poo.

I looked at my muddy combat trousers, fleece top and waterproof jacket, and thought, I look like a dog owner, which was great, because that's exactly what we now are :)

I never was one for fancy clothes anyway. I feel a bit out of place in a dress, and never wear high heels - I like my feet to be comfortable, so it's trainers or boots for me in the winter, and my Fitflops in the summer. Mind you, I still won't go out without my mascara on. If my hair's a mess, I can put it up in a ponytail, but nobody is seeing me without my little bit of make up!

The reason I'd been kneeling down, was to wipe the dog's muddy feet before she got in the car. I'm sure there will come a day when I don't care about that, and just let her jump in - mud, cow pats and sheep poo included!

But for now, I haven't completely got over my OCD. I'm surprised I've been able to actually pick up her dog poo, but I've got that down to an art. I know the difference between a wee squat and poo one, so when it's a poo one, I'm ready with a sheet of newspaper. I slide it under her, and hey presto, you can then wrap it up and pop it in the poo bag.

Dog owners reading this will understand, everyone else will think I'm potty. But I don't care.

This last month has changed our lives - for the better. We're getting more exercise, and had more laughs than we've had in a long while.
It hasn't been without its problems, and at times I've wondered if we've done the right thing, but one look at Cherry's lovely face, and I know we have.


  1. Well done Tina for giving her a forever home she looks beautiful , I look forward to reading more!!!

  2. She is rather gorgeous, Tina. I can see why you're both besotted. I hope you have many happy years of walking together.

  3. Brilliant! You have definitley become a Fido dog owner!!!! Looking forward to meeting her in the future. xxxx

  4. I am so glad Cherry has settled in with you. What a beautiful expression she has. Here's to a long and happy friendship. x

  5. Ownng a dog is not only great but it gets you out and about on lovely walks and meeting other friendly dog owners. It can certainly change your life for the best!

  6. Only a pet owner or a human owned by a pet would appreciate the importance of this poo and wee talk, I for one loved it and particularly the sheet of newspaper trick..inspired. Oh it's Liz King btw aka Bradnjanet.

  7. What a lovely long nose she has and such affectionate eyes. May you all have many happy years together. Love the dog poo tip by the way! xx

    1. Thanks Debbie, yes it works especially well if they are a bit 'loose.'

  8. I'm late to this, sorry, but it's so, so, lovely to hear it's going well. And - respect for the poo collection idea! Good thinking! x