Monday, 11 November 2013

Never Forgotten

I have a short story up with Alfie Dog Fiction for Remembrance Day called Never Forgotten.

Do please download a copy, as all proceeds are going to The Royal British Legion.

In a few more years, there will be no veterans left from WW2, so I feel it's very important that the younger generation never forget the great sacrifice made by brave men who lost their lives, and by the men and women who have died in various conflicts since. They stayed young so that we have the chance to grow old.

If you'd like to download a copy of the story, you can get it here -

Thank you x

Friday, 8 November 2013

Latest Flash Fiction

I occasionally get an idea for a flash fiction - very short stories for those who don't know what it is - and here's my latest.

Feeling Hot...

It started in the jacuzzi.

After a nice long swim in the hotel pool, I got out and sat in the jacuzzi with the bubbles on full blast. After about five minutes, a man and his wife joined me. His wife and I chatted amiably – as people staying in the same hotel often do – and I noticed the man giving me the occasional furtive appreciative glances, which made me glad I’d worn my new sexy costume.

After chatting some more, I wished them a good stay, got out, had a quick shower and went into the sauna. I was the only one in there, so I relaxed with my eyes closed, enjoying the heat.

Then the door opened.

‘Mind if I join you?’

I opened my eyes. ‘No, come on in,’ I said with a smile.

We sat side by side, then I felt a gentle stroke on my thigh and a whisper in my ear. ‘Have you ever had sex in a sauna?’

I shook my head, my breath coming out in gasps as the stroking fingers explored further. Gentle, teasing kisses trailed across my lips and down my throat. Then my costume straps were slipped down over my shoulders and the kisses became more urgent as they sought out my breasts. Fingers delved inside my costume, making me moan with pleasure. We frantically gave in to the lust that overtook us. The combination of heat – not just from the sauna – and that exciting, scary feeling that we could be caught at any moment, made it one of the best sex sessions I've ever had.

Once it was over, we parted with the agreement that neither of us would ever mention it.

When my husband and I went down to dinner that evening, I nodded politely to the couple in acknowledgement, and the woman and I shared a secret smile. I had to turn away as the memory of her soft lips exploring my body sent a ripple of pleasure through me.