Friday, 30 August 2013

Launch Day!

It's here, the day of my book launch!

I'm having a fab time, and lots of lovely people have already joined in to wish me luck and congratulate me. It's wonderful to have so many great friends, thanks everyone.

There's an ongoing quiz, and competitions later, so do join in, I'll choose some random winners who'll receive a free e version of the book in either Mobi or PDF format.

Once today is over, there's lots of self promoting to do, which I hate, but will endure to try to get myself known. I've already contacted dozens of magazines, radio stations and newspapers. Someone from our local town magazine is coming to interview me soon, and the local indie bookshop are going to stock my novel.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a photo. The guys at Crooked Cat have done a great job.

The event is going on all day until 11 p.m. tonight, so do pop in if you have a spare few minutes :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Ta Da!

Yes, yes, yes, I finally have the full, gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful cover for my forthcoming novel!

Do I sound excited? Ha ha.

The guys at Crooked Cat have done a great job, I love it. It's unusual enough to grab your attention so I hope it helps make people want to buy the book as it's a great read too.

I can't believe it's almost release day - this year has flown by. It doesn't seem long ago that it was Christmas and we were looking forward to spring.

It'll soon be Christmas again, and you know what are good presents for Christmas?

Books :)

We've all got a person who is hard to buy for, well a book is usually appreciated by most people, and solves that 'what do I get for aunt Joan' problem. Mine will be available in both paperback and e-book versions, so is suitable for everyone.

Books make good birthday presents too :)

25 days until the release of Chapters of Life, and I'm having a launch party - everyone welcome - so do pop in for a virtual glass of bubbly, I'd love to see you there.