Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Memories

It was almost that time of year again, and Trevor was dreading it. He knew most people looked forward to the season with excitement, but for him it just brought back terrible memories.

Last year his sister had been taken away. Trevor remembered her cries as she was carried off, kicking and crying, to some unknown destination. He could picture her futile struggles and the despair he'd felt at not being able to help her. He’d stayed in his hiding place, hardly daring to breathe in case he was discovered and carted off too.

The year before that, both his mother and father had gone away, so now Trevor was all alone in the world - except for a couple of friends - but he couldn't expect them to protect him, they had their own families to worry about. 

His parents and sister had been the ones who looked out for him, and concealing him within the crowd had worked well. Because he was the smallest, he'd been lost among the throng, but what would happen this year? He was much taller, and with no family to huddle around him and push him to the back of the group, he'd stand out above them all.

Trevor was so scared. Just the thought of his unknown fate made his heart thump wildly in his chest.

He had no idea what had happened to his family, he just knew they never came back. And the sound of his sister’s cries would stay with him forever.

He couldn't even run away; where would he go?

All he could do was await his fate, like his poor sister last year, and his parents the year before that. Maybe he wouldn't be chosen this time, but it would be his turn one day, he knew it.

Christmas is definitely a bad time of year if you are unlucky enough to be a turkey. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Nerd!

Although I have a Kindle, I just can't resist proper books. But not just any books, second-hand ones.

I love old books. I love the aged pages, wondering who might have held it and spent long hours reading it, and most of all, I love that musty booky smell.

Yes, I'm a book nerd and I don't care.

I wonder if there's a help group for people like me. ' Hello my name's Tina and I'm a book nerd.'

Ha ha.

Seriously though, there's nothing nicer than browsing a second-hand or antiquarian bookstore and seeing the gorgeous leather, cloth and paper bound covers of the different books for sale. You can also get some real treasures in the most surprising places.

I recently found a fab green leather bound hardback of Daphne Du Maurier short stories in a National Trust property. They had a whole room of old books for sale, all for the princely sum of...£1 each!

I also got two red hardbacks titled 'Masterpiece Library of Short Stories.' One is American stories, the other Irish & overseas, and the stories date from 1790 to 1920.  Again, £1 each. They are brilliant!

My newest acquisition is The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Red leather bound cover, with an introduction by John Ervine, a biographical introduction, and another introduction by Sir Henry Irving. Lots of photogravure illustrations and a few colour ones, gilt edged pages and a slip box. I bought it online after finding one in a shop at the weekend.  My friend nabbed that copy, so when we got home I searched online until I found another one.

I can't wait for it to arrive so I can smell it...and read it of course :)