Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Multi-tasking Theory

I have a theory about how us women are supposedly able to multi-task - sorry ladies - but I've thought about it often and it seems to make sense.

I reckon that when a man does a job, he gives it 100% of his attention. How often has your man been engrossed in a job and not heard you asking what he wants for dinner, even when you're standing right beside him? And if you ask again, he gets annoyed because he has to break his concentration to answer you.
That's because he's fully concentrating on the job.

Whereas with a woman, she may be able to do four things at once, but she can't possibly be giving them all 100% concentration can she, so it's shared out on each task.
I don't know how, it's not necessarily shared equally, so say for four tasks it may not be 25% on each, it may be 35% on the most important, and 65% shared out between the others, but you get what I'm saying.

So, what do you think? It certainly makes sense doesn't it.

I'm actually pretty rubbish at multi-tasking because I do concentrate on one job only. If I try to do more than one, I don't do the second or subsequent ones as well as I could or should.

So that's my theory, I'd love to know what yours is :)

Monday, 22 April 2013


Do other writers feel like they are constantly juggling?

I started the fourth novel today, but haven't finished two and three yet!

Why do I suddenly get an idea for a book when I'm in the middle of writing another one? So, that's three novels, short stories, articles, fillers, letters and flash fiction to write, as well as proof reading and editing, and making my felt cakes.

There's too many balls in the air at once, and one of these days I'm going to drop a couple, the question is, which ones?

Ah well, it keeps me busy, and out of trouble, except when I go food shopping and play around with the spice jars! :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Some Spicy Fun

Not what you are thinking!

When we go to the supermarket, we have a little fun by arranging the spice jars and packets into naughty words and then taking a photo and posting it on Facebook.

Yeah, I know it's childish, but it gives us a laugh - and lots of other people too - and what makes it funnier is trying to do it before we get spotted.

I can see us getting banned from all our local supermarkets at some point ha ha.

Here's the evidence - the POOP one was in a Morrisons store and the GIT was done in Waitrose today.

So, why don't you all join in the fun, and don't forget to take photos x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Determined and Renewed

Well, thankfully I'm never down for long, and after stomping around the house, I pulled myself together and have spent the last few days doing rewrites. I've been as ruthless as I could and cut out almost 5K words. It's now much tighter and more polished. Mind you, it's been bloody hard work  - sat at the computer non-stop for eleven hours each day - so I feel shattered, but I'm pleased with my effort and the result. I'm very determined when I want to be!
If this doesn't work, then I'll give up on it for the time being and finish writing my thriller.

I don't know if I was so exhausted I'd got overtired, but I just couldn't sleep last night. I lay awake fidgeting until about 3 am, but I did get a story idea out of it, which may even become another book.

Set around a dating agency - I need a suitable name for the agency, so get your thinking caps on, something quirky please - it's going to be a light-hearted romcom involving the hapless Daisy Danson.

I think I've done enough writing in the last few days, so I'm having the rest of today off and going out for lunch.

Have a great day everyone x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ooh That Hurts!

Feeling really crap as I've just received the big news I've been waiting for, and it wasn't what I'd hoped.
I'm used to getting rejections, and usually take them in my stride, but this was a biggie and it hurts like heck. I've sat and cried, now I'm angry and banging things around the house.
I don't know where to go from here because this is just another in a line of writing rejections :(

In my younger riding days, whenever I fell off a horse - and I did that a lot - I'd get back on right away. But then one morning I had a big accident and was airlifted to hospital. I never rode again.

I feel like that about my writing now.

I'm feeling quite raw at the moment, I may feel differently in a few days, but I actually don't think so. I've been wondering why I put myself through it for a few months now, and decided a while back to stop writing - stop flogging a dead horse - but then, when I least expected it, a story idea popped into my head, which I couldn't escape from, and the whole circle started again.

Oh crap, crap crap. Even eating cake won't cheer me up at the moment :(

Saturday, 13 April 2013

All About Tarts...

Ha, bet that got your interest! Sorry, it's not what you think. I'm talking felt tarts today.

A customer has ordered a pink and a purple tart for her mum and sister's birthdays, so I've had a writing free day, and been busy making tarts.

Seeing as this blog is about crafting and cakes as well as writing, I thought I'd better do at least one craft post :)

Here's the finished items, do you think she'll like them?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Writing Stories with Sex

Whilst I'm a versatile writer - I write articles, fillers, letters, flash fiction, haiku, novels and short stories, which include tales with a twist, crime and horror - none of then have ever contained sex.

In my first novel Chapters of Life, and elderly couple get together, but it's all done in the best possible taste as the late Kenny Everett used to say.

However, whilst in the hotel for my birthday, I got the idea for a short story based on sex in a sauna.

I like the story, it works well, but my abiding thought is, 'oh God I can't let my parents read this!' I also felt really embarrassed writing it as it's completely out of my comfort zone.

How do you deal with writing sex scenes? Does it make you squirm, or do you take it all in your stride - aherm, embarrassed smiley needed!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Home and Raring to Go

I'm back home after a lovely couple of days away for my fiftieth birthday. I had a great time. Lovely hotel with superb views, a nice swim, jacuzzi and sauna session, good food, plenty of bubbly and my husband to share it with - what a lucky woman I am :)

I even wrote a short story whilst I was there. Why do we get story ideas at the most inappropriate moments? Having the jacuzzi and sauna sessions must have prompted the idea, because that night I couldn't sleep due to the story forming in my head.
Luckily I had my iPad with me, so I sat and typed it up yesterday morning whilst relaxing in the hotel lounge.
It's rather a saucy story - I've never written one of those before - and it's a flash fiction piece, but there's scope to make it a longer tale.
I'm all renewed and raring to go on the writing front - still waiting for my news though, I so hope it's what I want to hear. Should only be a matter of days now. Please please be good news!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'm Fifty!

Well, I've reached half a century, and I don't feel any different, not that I expected to. Does it mean I can now start behaving outrageously?  Ha ha.

I've just opened all my lovely cards and presents, and am now about to get ready for breakfast.

I had an idea for a short story in the middle of the night, so if I get a spare half hour later I'll write it down.

May catch the ferry into Salcombe today - depending on the weather - if not, I'll go for a swim, jacuzzi and sauna again. I could get used to this lifestyle :)

Woohoo I am 50!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Birthday Treat

We are at Tides Reach, and I did mention the missing apostrophe. They've been going for more than forty years and apparently nobody has mentioned it before. I'm just too pedantic obviously, ha ha.

We have a lovely balcony room,  and on the table by the window is a dozen pink roses, a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates :)

I may go for a swim later, then a sauna and jacuzzi, then a nice dinner to look forward to after that :)

The Late Margaret Thatcher

I really wish people would stop being so vicious about Margaret Thatcher - she was an old lady who has died. She still has people left who loved her, so instead of posting nasty vitriolic comments, have some thought for her grieving relatives. She wasn't a monster, she was human and had failings the same as all of us. Are you all so bloody perfect? Give it a rest. Let he who is without sin and all that...

Monday, 8 April 2013

Decisions Decisions

I'm terrible at making a decision. I couldn't decide on something if my life depended on it.

But it’s not my fault, there’s too much choice nowadays.

On a recent meal out with friends, the waitress asked what we’d like to drink. No problem there, I had a glass of red wine. Then she gave us menus to look at.

I glanced at the huge list of food, and looked at my hubby. I could see what he was thinking - he knows how bad I am when faced with lots of choice. I looked down at the menu again and tried to select something. But what did I fancy?

What about steak? Yes maybe, but the fish sounded nice; hmm, so did the lamb.

‘There’s pork darling,’ hubby said, trying to help, ‘you like pork.’

I looked at the pork dish - crispy free range pork belly from a local farm, with buttered spinach in a thyme sauce – ooh yes, that did look good. But then I spotted the chicken – free-range chicken breast and portabella mushrooms in a red wine sauce, with braised leeks – that sounded good too.

By now, the waitress had taken everyone’s order except mine. I looked up to see four faces staring at me expectantly.

I started to dither, knowing they were waiting.

‘Come on darling, the waitress hasn't got all evening,’ Paul whispered, trying to hurry me up.

‘Sorry, but it all looks so good,’ I said and smiled at the waitress who stood with pen and pad in hand. She had one of those practised smiles on her face, and I suspected she was probably gritting her teeth underneath it and thinking, just get a move on will you!

I finally made a decision. ‘I’ll have the chicken.’

‘Thank you Madam, now what potatoes would you like with it? You can have new potatoes, jacket potato, roast potatoes, chips, dauphinoise potatoes, mashed potatoes or gratin potatoes.’


Now I was really flummoxed. My husband groaned, put his head in his hands, and muttered, ‘oh God we’ll be here all night now.’ Our friends laughed, and I just looked helplessly at the waitress.

‘Oh, erm, well…’ I tried desperately to think which would go best with red wine sauce. Then with a triumphant smile, I made my decision.

‘Can I have rice instead please.’

We did enjoy the evening, and I had no room for dessert, which thankfully saved me from having to make another decision. And that’s the problem; we are overwhelmed with too much choice. It would have been simpler if I’d only had a couple of main meals and side dishes to choose from.

It’s not just food either; I'm the same with everything.

I go into a boutique and see a nice top, but it comes in six different colours, so I have to take them all into the changing room to decide which one looks best. Then I spot another top, which may look better than the first one, so have to try that too. Oh, but what colours does that come in? And so it goes on.

I guess I shouldn't complain really, it’s nice to have variety; but if you’re like me, it takes twice as long to order or buy anything.

Ah, but maybe that’s the plan!

Because you can’t make up your mind which one to have, you might buy both. So perhaps it is a good ploy on the shop’s behalf.

It certainly makes life interesting. Mind you, I don’t think my husband would quite see it that way. He’s great at decision making and can’t understand why I have such a problem. Perhaps I should just let him choose for me from now on.

Oh well, I'm off to make lunch, now what shall we have?

Half a Century

I'm getting a little excited now because on Wednesday it's my 50th birthday, and tomorrow we're going to a small hotel in Salcombe, called Tides Reach - yes I know there should be an apostrophe before the S, shall I tell them when we go tomorrow :)
Anyway, my husband took me there over fifteen years ago when we first got together, so it has special memories for me, and I'm looking forward to going back - even if it is only for a couple of days. It'll help make the fact that I've reached half a century a bit more special. Heck I can't believe I'm that old!
Now all I need, is for the news I'm waiting for to be good, and that'll be the icing on the cake - cake again, see, it gets everywhere, ha ha x

Writing, Friends & Cake

I sometimes do some free proof reading and editing work for - RMA Operations Limited a company that was set up by Royal Marine  Mark Ormrod, and we are off to see him and his colleagues at the barracks this morning.
So, I'm looking forward to a chat over coffee, and it will involve cake. Tracy - the Company Administrator - has asked me to take over my felt cakes as she has a couple of birthdays coming up!
Hope you all have a good day x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Waiting, waiting...

I'm waiting on some news, which, if it's positive, I'll be really excited about, so I hope to be able to tell you what it is soon.
Waiting is the bane of a writer's life isn't it. We wait weeks - often months - for editors to get back to us on our story submissions and we wait for agents and publishers to respond to our book proposals. Sigh, it seems as if my life is about waiting at the moment, which isn't good if you're rather impatient!

Flash Fiction

I have a flash fiction tale with a twist - Holiday Life - in the Writer's Room section of our local  town magazine.

My New Blog

Welcome to my blog. You can read about me, my writing, my crafting and even share some virtual cake :)